# Activation

DBAPI binds with hardware, a license required on each machine

# Get the serial number

DBAPI automatically exits on the first start and the serial number is printed at the end of the log file before exit. So you must start it once to get the serial number.

For standalone mode deployment, get the serial number at the end of the logs/dbapi-standalone.log file. For cluster deployment, get the serial number at the end of the logs/dbapi-apiServer.log file for each machine

# Apply for a license

For cluster deployment, each machine has a serial number, and each machine requires a license

# Use the license

  • Fill the license in the conf/key.properties file in your installation directory

In the case of cluster mode, the License of each serial number should be filled in the conf/key.properties file under the corresponding machine node

  • Restart the DBAPI right now

the startup script of standalone mode

sh bin/dbapi-daemon.sh start standalone

windows System, please right-click on the bin/dbapi.ps1 file, and click run with PowerShell

startup script of cluster mode

sh bin/start-all.sh